What is it?

Babeliumproject.com is a collaborative language practising environment that helps students to improve their oral expression skills in an autonomous way.


Video and audio

Video and audio resources that provide interactive didactic material

Exciting exercises

Varied and exciting exercises created using the “event point” feature

Collaborative assessment

Number based scores along with text or video based comments

Enhance of comprehension

Subtitle tool that can help to enhance comprehension skills

Moodle integration

Babelium’s features can be integrated into the Moodle platform by using the Babelium plug-in for Moodle

Open Source

Distributed by GPL license


Babelium allows you to add an innovative platform to the teaching resources of your institution. This platform is focused on promoting the participation and collaboration of your students while keeping track of their advancement in oral expression in a personalised way. Moreover, it provides a new and exciting way of practising languages that most students will welcome.