Michiel Renier

Michiel RenierLead e-learning developer at “IRIS”, the network of Brussels public and academic hospitals.

Michiel Renier worked as e-learning developer at ‘The Dutch Language House of Brussels’, where his team coordinated the NL@City project, using Babelium as one of the main components.

Currently, he is working at IRIS, the network of Brussels public and academic hospitals, as lead e-learning developer.





Joshua Underwood

Joshua UnderwoodLearning eXperience Designer (LX Design), British Council

Joshua Underwood is currently a teacher and teacher trainer at the British Council in Bilbao and has been involved in educational technology research and development for more than 15 years (London Knowledge Lab, UCL – Institute of Education).

He is co-editor of the 2013 Routledge Handbook of Design in Educational Technology.